About Us

100% Pure Açai

Our Açai is sourced exclusively from suppliers using wild harvested, 100% certified organic ingredients. Our Açai is free of fillers or soy additives, and is vegan and gluten free. The Spot’s Açai products are truly one of a kind.

What makes our bowls special?

To scoop or not to scoop, that is the question!

Scooped Bowls

Much cheaper and easier on the business producing the bowls, scooped smoothie bowls are a popular way to deliver a bowl. However, these bowls are far inferior in taste and in quality. They are not fresh, but frozen.

Blended Bowls

The right way to do a bowl. The Spot’s way of doing a bowl! We sacrifice cost and convenience for a fresh and delicious bowl that our customers love. We stand by that to this day and will continue to do so forever.